Friends with Benefits Collection

This collection is made up of nine perfectly paired dips to help you get in the mood for Hallmarks favorite holiday! Whether you are team candy hearts or breaking hearts this collection has something for you. The collection will be available for purchase as a whole or individually in mini and sample sizes.

PDA Probs - A magenta fine glitter base with chunky carnation pink, magenta, and gold glitter

Smeared Lipstick - Raspberry red shimmer

Illicit Affair - Black shimmer base with pink and orange shifting aurora flakes

U Up? - Fine silver holographic base with black and rose pink chunky glitter and pink and black foil pieces

No Strings Attached - Bright pink fine glitter base with chunky 3D effect glitter

Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’am - Silver, pink, and lavender glitter mix

Swipe Right - Lavender shimmer base, light purple aurora flakes, and purple glow

Pants Off, Dance Off - Purple, light pink, and indigo glitter mix

Actually, It’s Not Me, It’s You… - Purple shimmer