Wizards and Wands - The Whole Collection

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All 14 Wizarding World inspired dips!

  • No Lion, I’m Hot - fine red glitter with mirco gold shreds throughout.
  • Brave Face Witches - deep red shimmer.
  • Badger’s Bite - fine yellow and black glitter mix.
  • Work Hard. Play Fair. - yellow shimmer.
  • They Sssay I’m Ambitiousss - fine green and gray glitter mix.
  • Seriously Snake-Like - green shimmer.
  • Wit Beyond Measure - fine blue and antique gold glitter mix.
  • Just As Sane As I Am - blue shimmer.
  • Getting Hedwiggy Wit It - fine iridescent white glitter base with black pieces throughout.
  • Snitches Get Stitches - gold shimmer.
  • All the Ladies to the Fleur - light blue shimmer.
  • I Krum to Win - sage green shimmer.
  • Dragons, Mermen, & Mazes. Oh My! - red, yellow, green, and blue fine glitter mix.
  • All Out of Sorts - Brown glitter mix made up of fine and medium glitter pieces.